Every story starts
within yourself

Work can stress you out, and so can your thoughts. mindstories shows you how to look at your career from a completely new perspective. When you make mindful and conscious choices, you create a more fulfilling work experience for yourself. 

My mission is to teach you techniques based on Mental Strength Training principles that are tailored to you and your specific situation. We won’t gloss over your challenges but rather create a new and empowered narrative together.

Are you ready?

Lisa Hoedlmayr, BSc.
Mental Strength Training
for Business & Career
Lisa Hödlmayr – Mentaltraining für Beruf & Karriere

Who can benefit from a mindstory session?

Anyone wanting to excel in their chosen profession.
Anyone looking for a new job.
Anyone still searching for their true calling.
Anyone thinking about starting their own business.
Anyone needing an objective and qualified opinion on their resume.
High school graduates, students and young professionals.
Whether you are a business graduate or a yoga teacher, an architect or a management consultant. mindstories offers the practical support and perspective to help you create a career that is based on your true vision and values. 

What will you get out of a mindstory session?

Greater self-awareness
More clarity & objectivity
Defined & clear goals
Higher stress resilience
Confident decision-making
Less inner resistance to circumstances
Structured problem solving
Inner peace & freedom
Greater (professional) presence
Higher sense of self-worth

What techniques does the mindstory method use?

Scientifically proven and practical tools, e.g.:
Vision Boarding
One-minute meditations
(Self-)awareness practice
Mindfulness Training
EFT Tapping Technique
Gratitude Practice
Your story ✺ Your thoughts ✺ Your journey ✺
Your story ✺ Your thoughts ✺ Your journey ✺

My passion is to help you cultivate more mindfulness in your professional life.

That’s why I created mindstories. I believe that we do our best work and make our biggest contributions when we’re having fun. I believe in the power of ease - but that doesn’t mean it was easy for me to begin with. I used to think I needed to climb the corporate ladder to make a difference. But thankfully life showed me a different definition of success.

Working in the corporate sector gave me amazing international opportunities and experiences.I had a great time. The work was challenging and made me grow. But at the end of the day, I knew something was missing.
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