Mental Strength Training helps us gain new perspectives. I use a variety of techniques that enhance the skills, strengths and abilities you need in your respective career field

What is Mental
Strength Training?
You may have heard the term "Mental Strength Training" before but can't really imagine what it means. It was new to me too. Mental Strength Training is a holistic method that helps us achieve our goals with more ease. Top athletes use the same principle. They prepare for competitions not only physically but also mentally by visualizing their ample training and then their desired outcome.

What works for professional sports, can also be used in your professional life. mindstories will show you how.
I see myself as a trainer of presence. Someone who supports you to recognize the potential in your current situation. Together we practice a variety of techniques to build a personalized toolbox for you with all your favourite tools that are then available to you when you need them. With their help you will feel more empowered to see situations differently. A change of perspective can change everything.

mindstories for
Young Professionals

You’re about to start your professional life but have no idea where you’re going? You want to redesign your resume or prepare for a job interview? In addition to my many years in Corporate Recruiting, I offer a holistic approach that supports you with your goals on all levels.

mindstories for
the Indecisive

You’ve received an attractive offer from another company? You’re facing a new and challenging opportunity at work or needing to decide whether to invest in additional training and not sure what to do? mindstories allows you to look at the situation in a new way so that you can make the best decision for you.

mindstories for
the Open-minded

You’re looking for a new challenge? Maybe you even want to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality? Or are you wanting a more stable work-life balance? mindstories for the Open-minded strengthens your self-worth and lets you recognize your true potential. You can now take your next steps with more confidence.

mindstories for
the Advice-seekers 

You’re facing a difficult conversation with an employee? You want to re-negotiate your salary? Or preparing for a challenging client meeting? Good counsel doesn't have to be expensive. All these situations benefit from Mental Strength Training.

mindstories for

You’ve just been thrown together as a team? Or have recently started working together remotely? Or  responsibilities in your existing team have changed? In times of upheaval, mindstories will unite you on a successful path.
Let’s find out if we’re a good match. In order to have a fruitful collaboration, our chemistry has to be right. I look forward to connecting with you for a free initial consultation. Let’s go from there.
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